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So tell me... What is a Fit Fem?

A Fit Fem is a woman who is committed to long-term health and fitness. She understands that to maintain her health, she has to make fitness a part of her life!

She loves community and accountability. She is really smart and understands that fads are just fads.

She is willing to reach out and get support to make sure her fitness goals are being met.

Raise your hand if you

  • Don't have time for fitness.
  • Wish you knew what to do at the gym.
  • Have an event and need to lose weight for it.
  • Quit before you even start.
  • Feel uncomfortable working out in front of people because of the way your body looks and feels right now.
  • Secretly wished you loved fitness.

If I had a dollar every time I heard a woman tell me "oohh nooo, I need to get in shape first before I get in shape" Yes, I've heard it all.

Top Reasons women hate to workout

  • It's overwhelming.
  • It's confusing.
  • It's too intense.
  • It's boring.
  • It's time consuming

Syl in workout gear with towel

Shall we debunk some myths?

Well...The Fit Fem can

  • Show you how to workout.
  • Teach you the simplicity of fitness.
  • Gradually build your fitness.
  • Give you fun & convenient workout options
  • Make you fall in love with fitness you'll want to work out for the rest of your life.
  • Show you short and sweet routines, because you're a crazy busy Fit Fem'r!

Fitness is what you make it...

We Understand...

You are a busy professional who needs in home workout options because you are so busy with your career otherwise.

We know you are a mom who wants to get back in shape but feel overwhelmed because of your motherly duties.

We totally get that you are new to exercise. Perhaps you are shy or embarrassed and are afraid to workout in front of people.

We can understand if you are really out of shape and need someone to guide you.

And if you are bored with your workouts, maybe you need that extra push that only a trainer can give you.

You Need Accountability.

You see, it's easy for "life" to get in the way of what's important. We all are victims to the excuses and lies we tell ourselves everyday!

We're not here to pity you or play a part in your comfort zone. We might be "in your face" when warranted…just remember we love you :)

And we will take you by the hand and guide you to the promise land of the beautiful feminine physique!

If your body is important enough to you, you HAVE TO prioritize fitness! But what's the secret? How can you fit a workout into your busy schedule? Easy, first you treat fitness as you would any other daily ritual; showering, brushing your teeth, putting on your makeup, and then you find the fun in fitness!

The Fit Fem Values

We believe in life-long fitness

We hate trends

We are totally focused on our clients

We are female fitness professionals for females ONLY!

We make fitness fun

We make fitness accessible

We make fitness convenient

We make fitness simple without all the crazy diets and confusing plans!

So why should you chooseThe Fit Fem?

Elsa'sSuccess Story

Elsa - Lost 30 LBS

What can I say about Syl, The Fit Fem? She has changed my life completely, inside and out. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and for the last few years I had gotten to my heaviest and I wasn't happy.

I knew I needed to do something to change how I looked and felt about myself… That's when I asked this spunky, energetic, always encouraging person for personal training. She worked my butt off and every session was worth it. I got stronger, physically and mentally.

Even when I didn't think I could continue, Syl was there making me believe in myself, encouraging me to push through. It got to a point that I enjoyed working out because my body felt good afterwards.

At this point due to exercise, changing my eating habits, and Syl's constant support, I have lost 30 pounds. Syl, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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about Syl, the fit fem

Based in Long Island, New York, Sylvia Nasser is the CEO and Co-President of The Fit Fem Studio, LLC. She offers in-home personal training services to local residents in NY and CT.

Sylvia is also a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and a Holistic Health Coach, accredited through Purchase College, at the State University of New York, as well as The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

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