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Spring Into Outdoor Workouts- Julie Roberts, Guest Blogger

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Spring is here! And although that means allergy season is on its way, I’ll take it. Even in the dead of winter, I stay active with my indoor workouts and trips to the gym. My kids, however, are not so enterprising. Just a day or two of being cooped up in the house, and they are driving each other (and me) completely insane. But, I can now take a deep breath and relax. The weather is warmer, and we can look forward to more fun outside. With a little planning, I can keep up my workouts and still take advantage of all the new season has to offer.

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Fit Fem of the Month!

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Nothing makes me smile bigger than witnessing a Fit Fem transformation. I’m talking big pearly whites, eyes squinting, nose scrunched kind of a smile.

Let me tell you why you should purchase an In-Home Personal Training Program and work with one of our amazing Fit Fem trainers.

I want to share with you a Fit Fem testimonial from one of my really great friends and client for almost 2 years now. CRAZY PANTS, WOW time flies!

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You are perfect!

I say it again, you are PERFECT.

Don’t worry.

I’m not going to sucker you into a weight loss challenge or boot camp.  Tis the season right? Even though it still feels like winter here in NY, spring is on our mind, which means only one thing – it’s crunch time for the bikini bod.

But like I said, I’m not going to sucker you into another program that promises you will get your bikini body in 6 weeks. In fact, I REFUSE to do that to you.

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Interview with Vinnie Tortorich: America’s Angriest Trainer!

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I had the absolute pleasure of doing an interview with Vinnie Tortorich to help promote his new book #‎FitnessConfidential‬ which by the way is up for an Audy award (Audible.com) and is an Amazon bestseller. I read the book not once but twice it was that good!!!

If you don’t know who Vinnie is, allow me to brag for him a little bit. Once I’m done, you can go ahead and Google the guy.

Vinnie has branded himself as America’s Angriest Trainer. What he is so angry about? Simple- the obesity epidemic in this country and the misguidance and misinformation within the fitness industry. (If there’s one thing you should know about me, you should know that I tend to “rant” a lot about this, especially on Facebook!)

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Exercise is an Expression of Self Love

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We all know that feeling. You see someone at the gym and you think “Damn, I wish I had her body. She is so much prettier than me…maybe I just need to work out harder.” And then we go down the pointless hole of comparison. Worse, we bash our bodies and our confidence along with it, rather than realizing that it’s when we decide to love and accept ourselves that we’ll also start looking our best, too. Somewhere along the line exercise and dieting became like dishing out a punishment. As in, if we just exercise and diet enough then I’ll like my body. But it’s not going to be fun along the way!

Well I invite you to completely turn that view around.

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10 Incredible Women in 1 Fabulous Magazine (I’m one of them!)

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The Fit Fem never rests! I’m sure you know that about me already. So let me let you in on a little project I’ve been asked to be involved in. WHOOP WHOOP!

I’m super excited to tell you about a brand new magazine that’s just been released AND I’m a contributor in it!!! ENERGY To Thrive Magazine is the brainchild of my friend and colleague Jennifer Powter. Jen is a Weight Loss + Fitness Expert who believes that taking a holistic approach to health creates the best results so she’s gathered the smartest, most talented group of women in the coaching industry to share their thoughts and insights with you (and yes – I’m one of them!!!!).

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Fat Loss Dangers

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Boy did I get a reaction on FB! I’ll show it to you in a hot sec but let me explain the scenario.

After finishing posting a pic of my new favorite green powder, which I add to my green smoothies, I scrolled down my newsfeed and ran into not 1, but 3 statuses about ‘nutritional cleansing’.

OK PET PEEVE!!!! (I will withhold the name of the company) I have huge disdain towards a company that markets and sells fat loss through “nutritional cleansing”. Essentially this company (and many other ones) promotes shakes and pills with eating only one meal a day (usually a salad because you know real food has real calories and we’re not allowed to have calories when we are trying to lose weight… GEEZ) and then encourages customers who have lost weight to become “nutritional cleansing coaches”. 

I’m gonna hate on them right now. First, I used this product because of its promise of rapid fat loss. I took it = I got sick = Lupus. Second, the idea of regular people becoming coaches without investing in real education about food and its effects on the body makes my skin boil.

When I posted my opinion on FB, I couldn’t believe the responses I received. Check it out: 21 comments, 60 likes and counting…

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