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It’s Hot Outside! Are You Making Yourself Hot Inside? - Fit Fem Trainer, Emma Harris

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healing art that incorporates the heating and cooling qualities of food. Based on what is called your “dosha” or your “constitution” certain foods have a more balancing effect on your body or an unbalancing effect. You can find your dosha here. I personally am a Pitta, so my body is naturally hot and firey, others are Vatta and have a colder physical disposition and others are Kaphas who are more balanced between the two.

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Eating As Worship - Fit Fem Trainer, Emma Harris

“Would that you could live on the fragrance of the earth , and like the air plant be sustained by the light. But since you must kill to eat, and rob the newly born of it’s mothers milk to quench your thirst let it then be an act of worship.”-Kahlil Gibran

We have taken the worship out of our day-to-day experience with food. Food is life, and as a first world nation we somewhat take it for granted that if we are hungry we can always go and get food. It is always accessible to us, always around the corner, and always somewhat fitting to our cravings and desires. Life is always accessible, even as I write this I am sitting next to a bag of freshly cut and purchased lettuce, endives, radishes and beets. Life is abundant in America when it comes to food.

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Fit Fem Trainer, Emma Harris, Answers the Question: What Should I Eat?

It’s amazing how many of our clients and people in general ask that very specific question. Despite the insane amounts of information via “La Google”, it is still asked time and time again.

One of our very awesome Fit Fem trainers, Emma, sheds some light on this particular topic. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, she is also a certified Holistic Health Coach Practitioner (like me!).  And here’s what’s she got to say…

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Spring Into Outdoor Workouts- Julie Roberts, Guest Blogger

Spring is here! And although that means allergy season is on its way, I’ll take it. Even in the dead of winter, I stay active with my indoor workouts and trips to the gym. My kids, however, are not so enterprising. Just a day or two of being cooped up in the house, and they are driving each other (and me) completely insane. But, I can now take a deep breath and relax. The weather is warmer, and we can look forward to more fun outside. With a little planning, I can keep up my workouts and still take advantage of all the new season has to offer.

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Based in Long Island, New York, Sylvia Nasser is the CEO and Co-President of The Fit Fem Studio, LLC. She offers in-home personal training services to local residents in NY and CT.

Sylvia is also a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and a Holistic Health Coach, accredited through Purchase College, at the State University of New York, as well as The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

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