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Pre-Workout Foods

Ever wonder what you should eat in order to prepare your body for working out? Some people prefer to eat after their workout, claiming that eating a meal before an intense workout makes them sick or sluggish. If you work out on an empty stomach you can become dizzy and fatigued early. Your body requires substance to continue and endure. And you don’t want to overload your body with food before beginning your routine but you should give your body fuel in order to push through without stopping.

That’s not to say that you MUST eat before a workout. Every person and every BODY is different. Some people can handle fasted workouts while others can’t. I happen to be one of those people that can fast before an early morning workout then eat as soon as I’m done. It all really depends on what time of day you workout. If you plan on exercising mid- morning or any other time during the day, then you’ll need to know how to properly nourish yourself before it’s go time!

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Yogurt Parfait with Granola and Berries!

I love a good yogurt parfait. It is a great breakfast treat or even a tasty afternoon snack. The combination of smooth yogurt and crunchy granola makes it a nice addition to your breakfast menu. Normally I just throw in Greek yogurt and granola, berries like Goji, or chia seeds with some raw honey to sweeten into a bowl but I have been looking into other recipes – always need to change things up a bit. Some of us get bored ya know!

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A Summer Salad - Grilled Pineapple, Chicken and Avocado Salad

As the weather warms we tend to avoid the heat of our kitchen stoves and head outdoors to enjoy the flavors of the grill. Summer is a time for barbeques and beers in the backyard (cannot wait for my first summer beer – been a long time coming). We stuff our faces with cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Things are smothered in barbeque sauce or marinated in various ingredients for hours, soaking in the flavors prior to cooking.

It is very easy to “slip” in the summer and eat things that are unhealthy more often. But, no need to panic, I have a fantastic recipe that incorporates the grill and is light and refreshing for the summer heat. I found this salad recipe on “Gimme Some Oven”. It is a great salad recipe for barbeques, quick dinners or even a tasty lunch.

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The “breadless” sandwich snack

Looking for something refreshing to snack on? Search no further ladies; try out these “breadless” cucumber sandwiches.

I know the word “breadless” caught your attention. This statement means limited carb intake and is a winner for those looking to cut back on their carbohydrates. . I know some of us (cough cough – me) are carboholics. Not all carbs are bad; however, it can make us feel sluggish and pack on the pounds if consumed in excess.

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Bon Appetit Ladies - Quick and Healthy Meal…Egg and Avocado Toast!

I am always searching for healthy recipes – especially ones that are easy and not time consuming (spending time in the kitchen is not my ideal location). That’s understatement – I actually hate being in the kitchen. Quite frankly, I envy those who love cooking. I guess I just wasn’t born with that gene.

So when I come across a recipe that is not only healthy but tasty I feel the need to share. This week’s healthy meal tip is inspired by a recipe I found on Rachel Ray. It is quick, easy and combines two foods that have great health benefits – Egg and Avocado.

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Banana Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe YOU MUST TRY!

I don’t know one person that doesn’t have the urge to snack on something during the day. Whether you are grazer or tend to skip meals, having a snacking during the day is inevitable.  I know I’m guilty of it!

For many of us, breakfast is a quick meal on the go. Whether you are getting the kids ready for school, preparing yourself for a long commute to the office, or sitting on the parkway stuck in traffic, we tend to skip the power packed breakfast we need to start the day and focus on lunch. Lunch can be fulfilling as we cherish the break from our busy day but there is something that happens to our bodies around 3:00pm.

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The Fit Fem Cafe - Papaya

Hey ladies! The Fit Fem Cafe will be open all summer long, so stop by for some healthy meal and snack ideas that are light, delicious and just right for the hot summer months! Whoop Whoop!
This week I present to you papaya! This beautiful fruit is not only juicy and succulent, but also beneficial to the body. Let’s take a look shall we?


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