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Do we really love the “Dad Bod”??

Lately I have been reading a lot about the “Dad bod”. A body type that includes a beer gut, no ab definition and flab in areas that most women would hate to see on themselves. Most of the stories/blogs that I have come across claim that women everywhere are falling in love with this body image, embracing the meatier men and ignoring those who spend time staying fit and lean.

Well, honestly, I think this is ridiculous. Do we really want to embrace a body image just because it makes us feel prettier and more confident? Women should feel secure about themselves without looking for someone “less fit” in order to make themselves feel happier. We are celebrating a body type that requires no work, no sacrifice or self-control. I am not saying that all men need to have washboard abs and ripped muscles, but they should have a desire to stay healthy and active.

What about those men who work out and eat healthy? We are now telling them that their bodies are unwanted. We are creating a whole new body image issue – telling those who have worked hard over the years that they are now the odd man out. I do not agree in telling those men, those who do look lean and fit, that they should change their lifestyle as those who are more plump are a better fit for the average woman.

Will we now see a change in the body image for women? Will it now become socially acceptable to have curves and a larger waist size? It only seems fair if we are going to celebrate the male body with the protruding stomach and giggly arms.

I was recently reading a story on The Odyssey Online and Mackenzie Pearson, the author, claims that women love the “dad bod” because:

  1. It doesn’t intimidate – meaning that we will feel more secure standing next to someone bigger and less fit then ourselves. Is this really the way we want to feel good about ourselves? I would say – NO. We need to be motivated to be the best we can be, not settle because the person standing next to us is softer than we are.
  2. We like being the pretty one – really?? I know we enjoy feeling better but we should never assume we are better than another person.
  3. Better cuddling – my husband does not have a “dad bod” and I love cuddling with him sooo….
  4. Good eats – so a man that takes no pride in his body or diet means we can be the same way and eat unhealthy foods? A little cheat here and there is welcomed but let’s not pick our mate hoping we can eat Taco Bell and ice cream on a weekly basis.
  5. You know what you are getting – people change over time, it is just part of life. Would you leave your once buff boyfriend if he ended up looking a bit rounder in later years? I would hope not.

Perhaps I am being a bit harsh here but I feel like this is complete nonsense. Where do you stand on the “dad bod”? Is the underwear model no longer appealing?

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