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Exercise Your Mouth by Sapphire Lewis

Sapphire Lewis is a recent fitness enthusiast and avid Fit Fem reader.

Hey girls! Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving! I sure did, because I exercised my mouth. When I say that I exercised my mouth, it means I spoke up for myself. We spend hours moving and toning our body parts, well it's time to start moving those mouths! Now let me tell you what happened.

I went to visit family for Thanksgiving dinner. After my scrumptious Jamaican meal, I was standing and talking to my aunt. My other aunt (a negative troublemaker that really gets along with no one--each family has one) comes up behind me and said, "Move your fat self."

Now the old me would have ignored it or internalized it. But honey, I am a new me! I turned around faced my aunt and very firmly said, "What did you just say to me?" Miss big and bold actually looked a little frightened, stuttered and said, "I was talking to John," my other cousin. But I know she was talking to me.

That was a great day for me! First of all I am losing weight, people compliment me all the time. But during journeys like these people are going to say nasty and hurtful things in order to put down your efforts. I grew up being called hurtful names, but no longer! There is no need to call people names. I don't do it to others, so I am not going allow people to do it to me. My aunt was shocked because she did not expect me to say anything and she felt stupid after I put her in place in front of my other family members (she is a miserable woman so I won’t take it too personal).

No matter what your weight is, don't allow anyone to taunt you or call you names. Stand up for yourself! The old me, would have ignored it, been hurt by it and then I would probably start putting myself down in my mind.

It's not just about how you look on the outside, it is about your thoughts and feelings. A truly healthy person takes care of themselves and stands up for themselves. Trust me I have a way to go to get really good at it--but I am getting there!




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