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Do you wanna know what the coolest thing is? The Fit Fem continues to create the healthiest and fittest ripple effect in our local community among women who actually GET IT! When I say Fit Fem, I’m not talking about myself.  Sure I started this whole ‘thang’, but I made sure that I had stellar team members who are able to extend my vision of what a Fit Fem should be and how she is embodied.

And this Fit Fem of the Month is no different. 

Now let me repeat myself - Fit Fems of the Month are REAL women. A Fit Fem is YOU, and ME, and this month, she is Kristin R.!!!! Kristin has dedicated herself to personal training with our beautiful, knowledgeable, and quite frankly the most seasoned trainer on our team, Bonnie! (I’m not kidding- she is the modern day, walking Wikipedia).  She’s incredible!

Kristin came to The Fit Fem, as most women do - to get in shape (back to her pre-pregnancy bod).  It always comes down to the same pain point. But what I’m post proud of Kristin for is her determination. You see, when women get injured, or they children get sick, or something out of their control happens, that thing usually takes priority. But not Kristin!!! She worked through her injured foot. She trusted in Bonnie’s expertise and surrendered to the Fit Fem journey.

Here is what Bonnie had to say about their hard-working mama, April’s Fit Fem client, Kristin:

Kristin R has been a member of the Fit Fem Community for the past 3 months.  As a new Mom looking to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape, Kristin has embarked upon The Committed Fem Program.  I am so proud of Kristin's diligence to her commitments and her determination. She never stops and she perseveres.  

Unfortunately, Kris injured her foot while on vacation in Florida wearing flip-flops and carrying her adorable baby boy around town for two weeks.  She's learned to work around her injury and didn’t stop exercising.  Instead we regrouped. In fact, Kris does an amazing lunge routine using the TRX.  Using the TRX for proper form and angles - we have to watch her surgical knee in addition to her recent injury - the TRX straps are completely lengthened, the two straps are synced as one and she lightly grips with one hand the other hand on her hip.  All these variables add to the intensity of the challenge.  Kris does 8-10 reverse lunges, then ten pulses in a lunge position then statically holds five to ten seconds.   She continues in a full reverse lunge several more times; then the opposite leg. This activity has contributed to Kristin's success and overall strength.  She's learned to engage her entire body for form and balance while performing a rigorous activity.  Kris has lost several pounds. Actually, she has lost 7.6 pounds in two weeks!!!  But more importantly has started gaining muscle mass, which is redefining the shape of her body! Her clothes are fitting better and her friends and family comment that she looks great/trimmer!  Kudos to my client & now friend. I am so proud of her!!

I hope Kristin R. becomes your muse every time you are faced with a challenge in your life. Just as she worked through her injury, has gotten stronger, and actually lost weight, you can do the same by setting that goal for yourself and working through any obstacles that come your way.

I mean, how can you miss her adorable baby in the background looking up at mama…proud baby! I can’t wait for my precious one to look at me that way. Thanks Kristin for your inspiration!

Are you going to be the next Fit Fem of the Month? Email support@thefitfem.com, tell us what you hope to achieve. 

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Based in Long Island, New York, Sylvia Nasser is the CEO and Co-President of The Fit Fem Studio, LLC. She offers in-home personal training services to local residents in NY and CT.

Sylvia is also a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and a Holistic Health Coach, accredited through Purchase College, at the State University of New York, as well as The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

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