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Fit Fem of the Month - July 2015

Mid summer! I can’t believe how time flies.

Typically people fall off the exercise bandwagon come summer time – pool parties, bbqs, happy hour, vacation – it’s challenging to stick to a fitness and nutrition routine when temptations are all around us.

Yet, there are the few exceptions who have committed and have been successful! Evelyn is one of those exceptions, which is why she is July’s Fit Fem of the Month.

A little backstory about Evelyn - She used to be a Fit Fem a few years ago but sometimes life gets in the way and had decided to leave us. But she came baaaccckkkkk!!! And she Fit Fem’ed full throttle! When I she contacted us, I was sooooo excited.  Can we celebrate this July’s Fit Fem? WHOOP WHOOP!

Evelyn is one of our 12 Week Transformation clients – she receives customized personal training from our newest Fit Fem trainer, Erica and customized nutrition from Jenna.


Here is what Erica had to say about her experience working one on one with Fit Fem client Evelyn:

“I am proud and honored to have Evelyn be our Fit Fem of the month! Evelyn knew she needed to make a lifestyle change. She was stuck in the cycle of having some success and then stopping. She was getting frustrated with continued workouts and inconsistent healthy choices. I’m proud to say Evelyn has made a huge change; she now inspires me every day. I look forward to the days I get to train Evelyn – her enthusiasm and excitement is contagious! I’m so proud of her work even between our training days.

When we first began our 12 week transformation, Evelyn was having a hard time getting through 20 minutes. We are now able to get through our entire session and she is working out the days we don't see each other. She is also working with Jenna and has meal plans -  she makes sure she meal preps and brings her own food with her for the day . She inspires me every session and I feel honored to have her as my client. Not to mention she is down in inches and pounds. Well done Evelyn!”

See what happens when you put your mind to making a change, seek support, and get the accountability you need from people who love and support you? Amazing things of course! You know like LUNGES and PUSHUPS!!!! wink

Can you give our Fit Fem Evelyn, Fit Fem Trainer Erica & Fit Fem nutrition coach Jenna and round of applause?? WHOOP WHOOP??? Way to go ladies. We are so proud of you!

We want YOU to be a part of our Fit Fem family too. Are you the next Fit Fem of the month?  Find out how!

We have a special program running called “The 12 Week Fit Fem Transformation Program” if you live on Long Island or in Queens, NY. This is what you get:

Two or Three 45 Minute In-Home Personal Training Sessions a week for 12 weeks customized just for you. You never need to leave home to exercise with a certified, experience, and knowledgeable Fit Fem Trainer who has your best interest at hearts. Training by women for women!                

The Fit Fem 12 Week Nutrition Program to follow.

TWO customized nutrition calls a month.

Plan that includes:

 - Do’s & Don’ts of nutrition

 - Basic Macronutrient Guidelines with Daily Recommendations so you can pick and choose which foods you want to eat

 - 14 day Sample Meal Plan to follow

 - Grocery Shopping List

 - BONUS RECIPES: 7 Green Smoothies, 7 Protein Snacks, & 7 Healthy Desserts

 - “Fit Fem Forever” Facebook Group with daily challenges and motivation to keep you excited, accountable, supported, & successful!

Interested??? Contact support@thefitfem.com.

"There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results." - Kenneth Blanchard

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Based in Long Island, New York, Sylvia Nasser is the CEO and Co-President of The Fit Fem Studio, LLC. She offers in-home personal training services to local residents in NY and CT.

Sylvia is also a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and a Holistic Health Coach, accredited through Purchase College, at the State University of New York, as well as The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

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