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Fit Fem of the Month - June 2015

You know what’s awesome. When clients decide “it is time to invest in ME”. Let’s face it, most people view personal training as a luxury…but folks, this is far from the truth. Exercise and proper personal training are a MUST if you plan on being and feeling your fit most self…not for a short term but for life!

I remember chatting with Kerri on the phone when we signed her up for the 12 Week Transformation Challenge. She knew she had to do this for herself…and guess what she did…she committed herself the program and made a difference in her own life.

You know what, I’ll let Jenna, her Fit Fem trainer, tell you how PROUD we are of her! Before I do, we gotta celebrate Jenna.

Jenna is AWESOME – take a look at her bio:

We are so proud to have Jenna on our team!

Here is what Jenna had to say about Kerri:

I'm very proud and excited to honor Kerri with Fit Fem of the month for June.  She has been such an inspiration to me with her hard work and dedication to the program, even when I'm not there! When I asked her if she would care to take part in our Fit Fem of the month program she was eager, excited, and honored to be in a position to help inspire other women. 

When I first met Kerri she told me "When I start something I go in it all the way" and she was right!

Kerri came to us because she knew she needed a change. She was stressed out, feeling sluggish, and had a couple of prior injuries she was nursing in her knees and shoulder. Kerri takes care of her 3 awesome children (really, they are so sweet just like her), and Kerri's business is also very physically demanding. She knew that if she didn't get the change she needed she would be headed down a bad road. 

Finally it was time to put herself first. She joined our 12 week Transformation in need of some fitness and nutrition guidance. 

At first we worked slowly around Kerri's injuries and made some slight nutritional adjustments.

Soon enough Kerri had strengthened her shoulders and knees and felt little to no pain in areas that had bothered her so badly before!  She lost 5 pounds, gained muscle, and is starting to tone up in all the areas she was concerned with. She is becoming stronger everywhere, finds it easier to manage her physically demanding job, and feels AMAZING! 

 Kerri is the perfect example of how building one small good habit upon another will snowball into LONG TERM Results! Kerri always tells me she can’t believe she always thought she knew how to exercise, but didn't realize how fun, exciting, and effective fitness could be until she started working out with The Fit Fem. 

Congratulations Kerri! You are our Fit Fem of the month in every aspect of the meaning!

Kerri has made remarkable changes in herself…already losing 5lbs, gaining muscle and toning up…she truly is an inspiration. 

Check out Kerri getting it done!! Way to work it Kerri…focus and dedication.

Let’s give Jenna and Kerri a big round of WHOOP WHOOP!

Are you going to be the next Fit Fem of the Month? Email support@thefitfem.com, tell us what you hope to achieve. 

Oh and if you are interested in the 12 Week Fit Fem Transformation Program, please email us at support@thefitfem.com so we can tell you all about it!

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Sylvia is also a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and a Holistic Health Coach, accredited through Purchase College, at the State University of New York, as well as The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

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