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Holiday Tips & Tricks that SUCK! + Fit Fem Holiday Training Special

Hiya! If you know anything about me, you know I’m the kind of gal who really says it like it is. I pride myself on sticking out from the normal fitness/weight loss crowd. How so?

Well, I’m ANTI

  • cutting calories
  • weighing yourself on the scale…every day
  • putting you down for splurging at events, especially around the holidays
  • telling you how to navigate the holidays so you can “survive” holiday bulge

…you get the picture.

This post is about weight loss/weight gain over the holidays. I feel the need to set things straight.

I usually get in trouble when I talk about these things. I definitely get the “shaking of the head” because what I’m about to suggest are the complete opposite of what the health and fitness gurus tell you.

You may or may not agree with me. And that’s ok.

While tips and tricks are great, that’s all they are, just tips and tricks that you read and kinda, sorta, not really, but wished you’d follow. They stack up in your email inbox and social media newsfeed. “TIPS ON HOW NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT OVER THE HOLIDAY SEASON” are in your face but are you truly excited to implement them? It’s probably why you fall for the diet supplements and pills and magic weight loss products that exist in the market now, anything to make this process easier. I so get it!

We both know you are super smart. So let’s talk reality shall we. I disagree with a lot of the tips and tricks that you read about all the time. I’m going to list them and tell you why.

How to Avoid the Holiday Bulge Tips I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with:

Have a plan before you go out to a holiday event. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. This tip is all about having a plan and preparing for your meals before you go to a holiday party. You tell yourself, “you know what? I’m going to pick and choose the healthy stuff instead.” (If you can do that, fantastic!) But here’s what most of us do. We opt for the cheese and dip platter anyway because it’s calling out our name!  Then we justify our decision by saying “I worked out today” or “Whatever, I just had one chip!”

I agree with this instead:

Know what you are getting yourself into. You know it’s a party. You know there will be irresistible food there. You don’t necessarily need to plan and scheme on what you can or cannot eat. Because that sets you up for failure. Understand there will be poor choices but as long as you have eaten healthy, nutritious, and balanced meals from January to November, you’ll already be in the habit of choosing wisely anyway. So why second-guess your abilities? Remember, most habits are hard to break, even the good ones. There’s no need to feel bad, especially when you are eating as healthy as you can most of the time during the week all year through. If you do end up splurging on the forbidden, it is what it is. Don’t harp on it. I don’t want you to feel guilty.


Watch your portions. Again not one of my favorite tips. We are told to watch our portions because every single calorie counts right, gluten free or not! Ok, fine, I shouldn’t be telling you to stuff your face but it’s holiday time. It’s not about deprivation people. Who has time for that?

I agree with this instead:

Know your portions and get over it quick! You already know what to expect. Like I mentioned, I don’t think it’s wise to deprive yourself.  Life is about celebration and if that means eating slightly more than normal, it’s not the end of the world! Take that pressure off yourself. The stress of counting your calories is the reason you hate your body right now, not the actual food consumption. The good news is when you do over consume on the “bad” foods, your body will give you those signs: bloat, nausea, constipation, fatigue, etc. Being aware of those signals are the most important because when you are truly aware, you will likely not over-consume again.


Don’t give in to the peer pressure.  I’ve heard this one before too. Indeed, there are food bullies out there. You know, the ones who peer pressure you into eating and drinking “bad”. Are you afraid they are eyeing you & watching your every move? Do you let their words affect you? Some will try to force food down your throat and others will keep reminding you how you should watch what you eat. But here’s why I really don’t like this tip: “don’t give into peer pressure.” This statement implies that you are weak and you should be stronger. Since when does eating a few extra carbs around the holidays mean that you have issues with food? That you gotta do what it takes to say no? Look at the French! No one bothers to tell them, “NOOOO stay away from the baguettes.” They eat what they want to eat (food that is natural and staple to their culture) and in a manner that feels right for them (usually smaller potions.) And they never feel guilty about it!

I agree with this instead:

Either give in gracefully or stand up! Either way you choose! Can you empower yourself in a way to make that choice? You can either stop harboring such negative feelings around food or stand up for yourself when someone makes any unnecessary comments about your food choices, “good” or “bad”? It’s none of their business how you should spend your holidays. This is the time to be MERRY. Be that social butterfly I know you are and don’t stress out about who is watching what you eat and drink. Take the focus off of food and instead enjoy the people you are spending the holidays with.


Eat before the party. So many colleagues of mine give this advice – “eat before hand so you are too full to eat the bad stuff.” WRONG!!!!! Haven’t you ever eaten before an event only to find yourself eating AGAIN at the event because the food looked tooooo good to not try? Ummm helloooo, you just ate more than you should have. All because you thought you were being wise by filling yourself up beforehand. I mean cmon on! As they say, there’s always room for dessert.

I agree with this instead:

Eat your meals when you are hungry, period! Eat how you normally eat without fretting so much about a damn party. If you normally eat 3 meals a day, eat those 3 meals when you normally eat them. If you are a grazer, well continue your everyday routine. Don’t starve yourself and don’t fill up before hand. Just be, act, do …your normal!


Skip the cocktail. What’s a party without a cocktail or two?  ‘Nuff said.

I agree with this instead:

Have a glass. Again, I’m not condoning drinking alcohol but honestly now, you cannot tell someone not to have a cocktail especially at a holiday party. It’s quite frankly unrealistic.  Here’s what I will advise you on. Take some time to enjoy your surroundings before you start guzzling the bubbly. You don’t need to act like you haven’t seen water in 5 days. But if you have a cocktail, it’s ok. Enjoy it. Savor the taste. It’s a party. (But don’t act like a beer binging college kid, it’s just not classy).


I can keep going on and on and on…but I think you catch my drift.

The real issue here is when you are told to NOT do something, 99.99999999% of the time you do the exact opposite. Am I right? Or am I right? You don’t have to stop your social life in the name of weight loss or even weight maintenance. We’ve taught you enough here at The Fit Fem that your fitness, your health, & your body are all about enjoying and celebrating life. Because life is precious! So throw the dieting rules book out of the window. If you have followed everything we teach you here throughout the year, then indulging a teeny bit over the holidays will not set you back.

Plus, if you’ve gotten your workout on regularly, then you reallllllly have nothing to worry about.

Focus on moving your body because it’s fun, focus on the company you keep during the holidays, and focus on enjoying the abundance of foods and spirits available to you during the holiday season. Be thankful and live your life with ease. Trust me when I say holding on to your negative emotions around your body causes that weight gain. Surrender these emotions and your body will love you back, it’ll love you so much that your weight will release without trying too hard.

Anyway, in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to promote the latest winter holiday personal training special - from now until December 25, 2014. Because you know what, exercise is fun!

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What you get?

  • 3 days a week personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home with a Fit Fem personal trainer.
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  • Starter Survey
  • Measurements and Fitness Test
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Total Program Value: $1150 Holiday Value: $720. SAVE $430. *Candidates must reside in Long Island, NY.


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What you get?

  • 3 days a week personal training sessions with a Fit Fem personal trainer conducted online.
  • The Fit Fem Transformation Guidebook for Being Fit & Having Fun.
  • Starter Survey
  • Measurements and Fitness Test
  • Unlimited 30 day nutrition and health email coaching

Total Program Value: $970 Holiday Value: $540SAVE $430. *Open to candidates in the United States & Canada.

** Both programs are for first time clients only**

Be merry this holiday season and enjoy every opportunity you have. That includes the ability as a human being to move your body. We can help guide you with just that! And we can’t wait to be a part of your lives!!!

CONTACT US and tell us which program you want to sign up for! Let's get you started!!!!

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