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Hot Drinks That Won’t Expand That Waistline

Hey my Fit Fem'rs! It's getting quite cold out there and now is the time you want to snuggle up with a hot drink.  Yesterday we chatted about how regular water is the best option for you but sometimes you just want a nice hot treat in the winter time.

Unfortunately many times those drinks are hot chocolate drowned in whip cream or hot frappuccinos with carmel and the works…and the list goes on!

Well I am here to let you know that you can enjoy hot drinks that are tasty, that won't make you gain weight or waste calories and that will do it's job-- keep that butt warm! So whether you are making it at home or picking it up at Starbucks, you have some options! Whoop Whoop!

Check out these tasty drinks:

Hot Green Tea: You can make it yourself and pick it up at any coffee shop. The trick here is to not add any sugar! Add honey or lemon and it will do the trick!  It's good for you and can help fight winter colds!

Coffee with cinnamon: Take traditional black coffee subtract the sugar and the creamer and sprinkle in some good ole' cinnamon! Cinnamon promotes brain health, it lowers cholesterol and studies have shown that it stops yeast infections!  Sweet and low calorie!

Low fat hot chocolate: You can purchase it at any store! Get your hot chocolate, but make sure it is low calorie (watch your intake). Want to add a lil sumptin extra? Put a little Cool Whip Free on top or a few marshmallows (just don't go crazy with the toppings). Yummy and chocolately.

Hot Cider: Filled with antioxidants, this is a healthy alcoholic (yes alcoholic) drink. Cider like red wine, can ward of diseases like cancer and diabetes.Tasty and lifesaving

Hot Almond Milk: Take vanilla or chocolate almond milk and simply warm it on the stove..enough said. And if you have trouble snoozing, a glass this kind of warm milk might relax you enough to do the trick. Delicious and satisfying!

So there you have it! You can enjoy some delicious hot drinks that won't pack on the pounds! Whoop Whoop!


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