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J.Lo and the #BeTheGirl Insanity Weight-loss Challenge

Well, where should I begin with this whole #BeTheGirl weight-loss challenge created by J.Lo. In a single word, it is simply HORRIBLE.  My blood BOILED when I watched J-Lo encourage other women and girls to “train” when she trains, “eat” when she eats, etc, etc.  Fat burners. Supplements. Competition. These are not the aspects of a healthy diet. What is J.Lo thinking???

These are the types of diets that need to be avoided. J.Lo is role model to many and she is using that power to sway people towards a weight-loss plan that is COMPLETELY unhealthy, dangerous, and completely unnecessary.  Why to make a few more bucks? Does she really need to make more money preying on the insecurities of others? Stick to the movies and music Miss J-Lo!

A few years ago I would have been one of these #BeTheGirl followers. I would have jumped at the chance to be part of a new/upcoming weight-loss challenge. But I have learned my lesson and now I fear for those who will join her. I mean a few weeks back a 21 year old British woman died from overdosing on diet pills and now we are pushing them on others?? Where is the common sense?  SHAME ON YOU J-Lo!

There are three phases to #BeTheGirl – J.Lo classifies them as:

  1. Repair and Reboot – Detox and cleanse plus a fat burner
  2. Burn and Build - Supplements
  3. Endurance – Purchase of “Endurance Boosting Deep Tissue Oxygenator”  (BTW- totally moronic in my opinion. Want the same effect? Do some High Intensity Interval Training! No need to waste your money on this “Sh*t”!)

Here are some previous posts I had written about about HIIT:

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I feel like the above is a bunch of craziness. This is NOT a weight-loss diet. This is a complete push to sell products and earn money. J.Lo should be ashamed. Not to mention during this into a challenge. Why force women to compete against each other?  The only woman you should be competing against is with yourself. Forget about what others do. Focus on your strength and seek to improve yourself day after day, week after week, month after month. THAT’S IT!

And honestly, weight-loss and diets are only improved by teamwork and a support system. Surround yourself with people who love you and support you on your journey, not people who will do stupid things just to beat the scale, PS – we at The Fit Fem are that kind of family who encourages and motivates you.

I am truly disappointed. UGH!

Let me know your thoughts.

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