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Mini Pyramid Workout for the WEEKEND!!

And Friday has arrived once again. Time to celebrate the WEEKEND! But before you run off to happy hour ask yourself if you gave your body the workout it deserved this week. Did you get that blood pumping? Did you feel your heart rate increase? If not then I definitely suggest the Fit Fem Mini Pyramid Workout.

I designed the Mini Pyramid as an exercise that is high intensity, high burst, and high energy. This “short burst workout” can be done anywhere at any time so feel free to get it done while watching TV, at the beach or at the park. It does not require any equipment or lots of space. All you need is 10 minutes and the dedication to push through.

This workout contains 3 exercises – Sumo Squats, Reverse Planks, and Mountain Climbers. Since this is a pyramid design you will start out with 5 Sumo Squats, then move to 10 Reverse Planks, then on to 15 Mountain Climbers – you are not done yet – then work your way back down to 10 Reverse Planks and finish with 5 Sumo Squats. It is a 5-10-15-10-5 pyramid scheme.

Each pyramid is one round and you will need to complete 4 rounds with a short 30 second break between each. I know it sounds intense, that is the point of the workout. You need to push your body to get that heart up and the fat burning. Just remember, your workout will be finished in 10 minutes. You can do almost anything for 10 minutes, right?

So have no fear. Give this Mini Pyramid a try and get that body moving this weekend.

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