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#TBT – “Flab to Fab” Ab Routine

Alright ladies – it is Thursday which means another video from years past. This week we are heading back to 2011 – man, I cannot believe this video is already four years old already. While I’m not a fan of the title of this workout (I admit, this was when I wanted to be a celebrity trainer and thought these kinds of titles were catchy…) it is nonetheless an awesome routine for your abdominals. So much has changed in that time but the intensity and success of this workout remains solid. 

This is a great workout to prepare that core for the summer. It targets the major ab muscles so you burn fat and lose inches on the waist. It is also aerobic in nature so you will get the heart beating and the blood pumping. Two factors that help in burning calories when working out.

The workout consists of five exercises: 

  1. Pull Ins (center and on each side)
  2. Forearm plank leg lifts
  3. Side plank leg lifts (left and right)
  4. Bicycle crunches
  5. Plank walks with knee 

Each exercise should be performed for two sets of 8. I suggest doing at least 2 circuits at least three times a week. If you push through and keep the pace you will see major results. Feel free to watch the video – it is a great guide and should help motivate you to give it a go. Let’s go Fit Femr’s – GET IT DONE!

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