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Three Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Hey my wonderful Fit Fem'rs! This goes without saying that we have all tried to lose weight at some point in our lives. You start one day and a week later you have fallen off track. But guess what? It does not make you weak or undetermined. Let this Fit Fem shed thee light!!

A new study showed that almost one in three young people start a diet each month, but 45 percent give up after a week and about half give up on their goals within a month. The study also showed that dieters switch plans every six months rather than committing to one plan. 

As a trainer, I see women who struggle to lose weight (at one time I was one of them) and then give up on their goals completely. I am going to tell you why. 

You diet: You pick some diet, lose weight and then gain it all back. The key to weight loss is not to diet, but to change your lifestyle. I've mentioned this before but I hate the word DIET. I also hate diet pills or supplements. You cannot depend on a quick fix! You have to learn how to eat properly and gain healthy habits such as consistent exercise. It will take time to lose weight the healthy way, but you are more likely to keep it off. 

You have an all or nothing attitude: So you worked out like crazy all week, ate right, then went on the scale and lost nothing. When this happens, you get frustrated and give up. Don't! This is the worst. In fact I've seen clients lose so much weight because they were so into what they were doing, then once they "cheated" they cheat more and more until old habits revert.  They are worse off then when they started because of this attitude, Look, weight loss is a journey. It is going to take time. It takes years of bad habits to get the body out of shape, so it will take a great amount of time and dedication to get back in shape. Hang in there! Make this change permament without giving up so easily!

No Support: Does your family always push food on you (a little won't hurt) or do you have that one friend who is always putting down your efforts (get rid of her!)? At times it is the company we keep that holds us back from reaching our fitness goals. Whether it's their bad habits or negative attitudes, it can stop us from moving forward. So before you start your fitness journey, shed the weight of jerks in ya life! I'm jus saying!

Remember you can lose weight and get the body that you want, just don't give up on yourself! I know you can do it! Whoop Whoop!


Keeping the fun in fitness!

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