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Do we really love the “Dad Bod”??

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Lately I have been reading a lot about the “Dad bod”. A body type that includes a beer gut, no ab definition and flab in areas that most women would hate to see on themselves. Most of the stories/blogs that I have come across claim that women everywhere are falling in love with this body image, embracing the meatier men and ignoring those who spend time staying fit and lean.

Well, honestly, I think this is ridiculous. Do we really want to embrace a body image just because it makes us feel prettier and more confident? Women should feel secure about themselves without looking for someone “less fit” in order to make themselves feel happier. We are celebrating a body type that requires no work, no sacrifice or self-control. I am not saying that all men need to have washboard abs and ripped muscles, but they should have a desire to stay healthy and active.

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Fit Fem Trainer, Emma Harris, Answers the Question: What Should I Eat?

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It’s amazing how many of our clients and people in general ask that very specific question. Despite the insane amounts of information via “La Google”, it is still asked time and time again.

One of our very awesome Fit Fem trainers, Emma, sheds some light on this particular topic. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, she is also a certified Holistic Health Coach Practitioner (like me!).  And here’s what’s she got to say…

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Yogurt Parfait with Granola and Berries!

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I love a good yogurt parfait. It is a great breakfast treat or even a tasty afternoon snack. The combination of smooth yogurt and crunchy granola makes it a nice addition to your breakfast menu. Normally I just throw in Greek yogurt and granola, berries like Goji, or chia seeds with some raw honey to sweeten into a bowl but I have been looking into other recipes – always need to change things up a bit. Some of us get bored ya know!

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#TBT - Is Starvation Mode Real??

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Way back when The Fit Fem used to have “Ask the Fit Fem Tuesday”. This was a weekly Q&A video that would focus on a question from a fellow Fit Fem client or follower. (Quick side note – thinking about bringing this weekly video back – feelings on adding this back into rotation???) Anyway, as I was saying, “Ask the Fit Fem Tuesday” allowed people to ask questions and hear advice on various health topics. The forum was open; any and all questions were welcomed.

Well, for this week’s #TBT, I am revisiting the “Is Starvation Mode Real?” The individual who submitted the question was concerned about the diet she was placed on by her nutritionist. She felt it was too limited, low in calorie count and no variety.

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20 Minute Living Room Weekend Workout

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Any plans for the weekend?? Mine is pretty much standard these days – rest, wash baby clothes, organize shower gifts, rest. Not too much excitement in the final weeks of pregnancy. But this just means that I live vicariously through you guys! And, of course, supply you with a kick ass weekend workout to ensure you maintain all the hard work you put during the week.

The workout designed for this week is kinda crazy. I have had plenty of down time to come up with something really good yet short enough to fit it in between barbecues…your welcome. For this workout you will need enough space to jump around – that’s right ladies – cardio is going to take place.

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