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Thank Goodness for Friday - 20 Rep Core Routine for the Weekend!

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Ah, the weekend is upon us and we all know what that means – happy hour drinks, sleeping in and Sunday brunch. I know it can be difficult to squeeze in a full workout on the two days you are free from work responsibilities, and of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying life but…you should try and get a quick workout in between cocktail events.

To help ensure that your weekend is not workout free, I thought it would be a nice gesture to provide a small workout for you…I know I know…you are grateful for my dedication. Here is a quick Core Circuit workout.

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Banana Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe YOU MUST TRY!

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I don’t know one person that doesn’t have the urge to snack on something during the day. Whether you are grazer or tend to skip meals, having a snacking during the day is inevitable.  I know I’m guilty of it!

For many of us, breakfast is a quick meal on the go. Whether you are getting the kids ready for school, preparing yourself for a long commute to the office, or sitting on the parkway stuck in traffic, we tend to skip the power packed breakfast we need to start the day and focus on lunch. Lunch can be fulfilling as we cherish the break from our busy day but there is something that happens to our bodies around 3:00pm.

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Plus Size Runners tell it like it is!

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Those of you that know me know I am all about exercise. I love teaching ChoreoKick and HIIT and Tabata, and I love Soul Cyle and Crossfit and pretty much all exercise. I have dedicated my life to empowering women through fitness and nutritional support. Pushing limits and getting results are my two favorite phrases. But please do not ask me to run a marathon.

Most believe running was for a certain breed of people. We imagine marathon runners as trim, lean individuals who spent several hours a day tracking their pace and monitoring their calorie intake. But Frank Pizarro breaks that stereotype! A marathon can be run by anyone as long as you have the drive to succeed. I’ve always preached how you can do anything you put your mind to.

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Time to Unplug and Reboot - Meditation Technique for Beginners

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Today, most of our time is spent on smartphones and tablets. I barely ever see the faces of others as I pass them on the street, their heads are always bent downward – reading the latest trending stores, texting, tweeting or updating Facebook.  Ok, fine, I do this too!

It is as if we have forgotten life before handheld technology. Remember hand written letters, in-person conversations, and family dinners? We feel a constant need to stay connected – to stay updated on the lives of those who live in our social circle. How do you recharge your mental self each day if you are constantly charging your cellphone instead? Honestly, most of us neglect our own mental health and this is truly a sad fact.

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Spring is in the air. FINALLY!!!

As flowers bloom, so do we. (Sounds cheesy, I know but stick with me here). It’s a Universal Law! When we plant seeds, we expect flowers to blossom right? Well there is no exception when it comes to human beings. We plant seeds of goals we want to accomplish. We water our goals (put the work in), put them in sunlight (nourish ourselves), and then we BLOOM (accomplish EXACTLY what we wanted). Just like that!

We have one particular client who has really blossomed into a super strong Fit Fem and I couldn’t be any prouder. Really, she rocks so much! March’s Fit Fem is a DEDICATED FIT FEM who is entitled to CELEBRATE!!!! Her name is Kelly R. WHOOP WHOOP!

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Fit Fem of the Month - February 2015

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I always get excited when it’s time to announce the Fit Fem of the Month. I’m reminded of why I started The Fit Fem in the first place- to celebrate and empower women through simple, convenient & fun, but may I also add, sound and safe FITNESS!

February’s Fit Fem is a really awesome, smart, dedicated woman. Her name is Lisa L. Now she is a bit camera shy and quite understandable. Nonetheless I wanted to celebrate her achievements and show YOU what is possible for yourself!

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