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Do we really love the “Dad Bod”??

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Lately I have been reading a lot about the “Dad bod”. A body type that includes a beer gut, no ab definition and flab in areas that most women would hate to see on themselves. Most of the stories/blogs that I have come across claim that women everywhere are falling in love with this body image, embracing the meatier men and ignoring those who spend time staying fit and lean.

Well, honestly, I think this is ridiculous. Do we really want to embrace a body image just because it makes us feel prettier and more confident? Women should feel secure about themselves without looking for someone “less fit” in order to make themselves feel happier. We are celebrating a body type that requires no work, no sacrifice or self-control. I am not saying that all men need to have washboard abs and ripped muscles, but they should have a desire to stay healthy and active.

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#TBT - Is Starvation Mode Real??

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Way back when The Fit Fem used to have “Ask the Fit Fem Tuesday”. This was a weekly Q&A video that would focus on a question from a fellow Fit Fem client or follower. (Quick side note – thinking about bringing this weekly video back – feelings on adding this back into rotation???) Anyway, as I was saying, “Ask the Fit Fem Tuesday” allowed people to ask questions and hear advice on various health topics. The forum was open; any and all questions were welcomed.

Well, for this week’s #TBT, I am revisiting the “Is Starvation Mode Real?” The individual who submitted the question was concerned about the diet she was placed on by her nutritionist. She felt it was too limited, low in calorie count and no variety.

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J.Lo and the #BeTheGirl Insanity Weight-loss Challenge

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Well, where should I begin with this whole #BeTheGirl weight-loss challenge created by J.Lo. In a single word, it is simply HORRIBLE.  My blood BOILED when I watched J-Lo encourage other women and girls to “train” when she trains, “eat” when she eats, etc, etc.  Fat burners. Supplements. Competition. These are not the aspects of a healthy diet. What is J.Lo thinking???

These are the types of diets that need to be avoided. J.Lo is role model to many and she is using that power to sway people towards a weight-loss plan that is COMPLETELY unhealthy, dangerous, and completely unnecessary.  Why to make a few more bucks? Does she really need to make more money preying on the insecurities of others? Stick to the movies and music Miss J-Lo!

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Doctors Ask Columbia University to Fire Dr. Oz Because “He’s Full of Shit”

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I’ll just lay out my opinion, FLAT OUT! Both sides suck! Let me tell you why.

First of all, no one is perfect. Imperfections are what make everyone unique. There are moments when we say or do things outside the norm and people are threatened by this. But we are all entitled to our own opinions, a luxury we enjoy and should take pride in. People can listen to your opinion or turn a blind eye but the important thing to remember is to make your voice heard and never stay silent.

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Stressed Out and Expecting? Find Out How Pregnancy Stress Affects the Mother and Baby

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Last week I made a brief appearance on Huffington Post Live. Take a look – I am about 11 minutes into the program.

The segment was about the impact of stress brought on by pregnancy on mother and baby. Obviously, this piece hit home for me as my life can be quiet hectic at times. I have the stress of being a new mom, the stress of running and growing The Fit Fem, and the stress of having to accept the changes of my body (something that may sound simple to many but is difficult for someone who suffered from body image issues).

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Your Back to a Six-Pack – A 15 Minute Back Workout

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What body parts do you focus on when working out?? From experience, I have noticed that most women focus on core, arms and butt. These are the three areas that tend to be a problem point for many women looking to get in shape. We want the six pack, the arm definition and the butt that can hold a glass.

These are not bad aspirations but let’s not forget to give our back muscles some attention. It does support us on a daily basis - no harm in making it a tad stronger.

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