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The Fit Fem of the Month - October 2015

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October – Halloween – Candy Corn?

Hell no! We are still exercising and working our booties off through the Fall because it’s what we do…and we have so much fun doing it.

The Fit Fem community understands that in order to feel better, they have to exercise. We have moms, grandmas, wives, daughters, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, students who understand that in order to be their best, they have to challenge themselves physically.

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The Fit Fem of the Month - September 2015

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Fall has arrived – even though the weather seems a bit confused these days. Humid and hot as we head into October??? Let’s get it together Mother Nature!! I am ready for my sweats and hoodie style to return.

But if you are a Facebook goer you will see that fall is in full swing – families are out and about picking pumpkins and apples – I know I cannot wait till Mary is old enough to enjoy those activities.

People are enjoying pumpkin flavored beverages (both hot and cold) and desserts that can be made with pumpkin filling and apple spices. It is a delicious and savory time of year.

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Fit Fem of the Month - August 2015

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Did you know that I am a new mommy? Yes indeedy, I have an infant at home and now I really know what it is like to have ZERO time as a mama. Now I can relate to all those moms I have spoken to in the past telling me “I don’t have time to workout.” I’m not giving those mamas an easy pass but I am sensitive to their needs…because I too know exactly what it is like to forget to brush your teeth, skip a meal, and maybe not even shower because baby is crying…baby comes first after-all!

Like I said, there is no easy pass for not exercising and moving your body. Exercise makes you a stronger women physically, mentally, and emotionally. It makes you a better woman, spouse, professional, friend and of course mama!!

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It’s Hot Outside! Are You Making Yourself Hot Inside? - Fit Fem Trainer, Emma Harris

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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healing art that incorporates the heating and cooling qualities of food. Based on what is called your “dosha” or your “constitution” certain foods have a more balancing effect on your body or an unbalancing effect. You can find your dosha here. I personally am a Pitta, so my body is naturally hot and firey, others are Vatta and have a colder physical disposition and others are Kaphas who are more balanced between the two.

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This Woman Wants to Change How All of Us See Our Bodies

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My heroine – Taryn Brumfitt! Have you heard of her? Well, if this name is new to you, let me explain why it is a name that will change the way you view yourself. Brumfitt is a woman who refuses to accept the negative responses women say about their bodies. She is on a mission to change how the world sees women, and her main focus is to “convince every woman to love her body as it is, to stop buying into corporate messages about beauty, and to change the vocabulary” when it comes to describing themselves.

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The Circuit Workout for the Weekend

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TGIF ladies!! It is time to kick off your work shoes and throw on those sneakers. This weekend I present to you the Circuit Workout. It is a fantastic combination of cardio, arms, legs and core – complete total body.

This total body workout is a great way to kick start your energy level for the weekend. No equipment needed, just dedication and the motivation to look healthy this summer. I know, this is the season where BBQs, graduations and backyard get-togethers consume our weekends – but let’s remember to give our body the time it deserves.

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Eating As Worship - Fit Fem Trainer, Emma Harris

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“Would that you could live on the fragrance of the earth , and like the air plant be sustained by the light. But since you must kill to eat, and rob the newly born of it’s mothers milk to quench your thirst let it then be an act of worship.”-Kahlil Gibran

We have taken the worship out of our day-to-day experience with food. Food is life, and as a first world nation we somewhat take it for granted that if we are hungry we can always go and get food. It is always accessible to us, always around the corner, and always somewhat fitting to our cravings and desires. Life is always accessible, even as I write this I am sitting next to a bag of freshly cut and purchased lettuce, endives, radishes and beets. Life is abundant in America when it comes to food.

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