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Mini Pyramid Workout for the WEEKEND!!

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And Friday has arrived once again. Time to celebrate the WEEKEND! But before you run off to happy hour ask yourself if you gave your body the workout it deserved this week. Did you get that blood pumping? Did you feel your heart rate increase? If not then I definitely suggest the Fit Fem Mini Pyramid Workout.

I designed the Mini Pyramid as an exercise that is high intensity, high burst, and high energy. This “short burst workout” can be done anywhere at any time so feel free to get it done while watching TV, at the beach or at the park. It does not require any equipment or lots of space. All you need is 10 minutes and the dedication to push through.

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Bon Appetit Ladies - Quick and Healthy Meal…Egg and Avocado Toast!

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I am always searching for healthy recipes – especially ones that are easy and not time consuming (spending time in the kitchen is not my ideal location). That’s understatement – I actually hate being in the kitchen. Quite frankly, I envy those who love cooking. I guess I just wasn’t born with that gene.

So when I come across a recipe that is not only healthy but tasty I feel the need to share. This week’s healthy meal tip is inspired by a recipe I found on Rachel Ray. It is quick, easy and combines two foods that have great health benefits – Egg and Avocado.

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Get your water on!! Simple Addition to Your Water

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Get your water on!! Give your daily hydration a boost with some natural fruit flavors. 

We’ve heard numerous times how important water is. As children we were told that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. That is a total of 64 ounces in a single day – not including the other beverages we may partake in throughout the day.  The rule of thumb generally is – drink half of your body weight in ounces…and if you drink caffeinated beverages add another 8 ounces to your water drinking regimen.

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Booty Burn - Better Butt for the Weekend!

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Who does not want a better butt?? Let’s be honest – we all check out our bottoms when we are given the opportunity. But you will need to put in work in order to see the shape and firmness you desire.  Or at least feel the firmness!

But honestly, you know I’m not just about looks here. Having a firm butt has its perks. The glutes are the largest muscle group our bodies carry. It is literally essential in assisting movement – walking, running… literally every movement carried out for day to day activity.  And it is essential for assisting powerful movement like climbing stairs, jumping, sprinting, and yesss even dancing.

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How Often Do You Sip?? The Great Coffee Debate

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I do love my coffee. Not as much as I love my green smoothies but I do enjoy a good cup o’ Joe at least once a day. Fine maybe two!  It gives me a little boost – especially with my little princess stealing away some of my energy. Many have said that I drink cream with some coffee and sugar but we all have our own way of making coffee so who can judge my choices.

For years it has been debated on whether or not coffee is beneficial to your health. The debate is quite huge actually – you have the “weight loss experts” who tell you coffee is essential to your metabolism while the “holistic living experts” tell you coffee is toxic and needs to be completely eliminated. Is caffeine unhealthy? Can too much coffee cause health issues?

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Banana Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe YOU MUST TRY!

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I don’t know one person that doesn’t have the urge to snack on something during the day. Whether you are grazer or tend to skip meals, having a snacking during the day is inevitable.  I know I’m guilty of it!

For many of us, breakfast is a quick meal on the go. Whether you are getting the kids ready for school, preparing yourself for a long commute to the office, or sitting on the parkway stuck in traffic, we tend to skip the power packed breakfast we need to start the day and focus on lunch. Lunch can be fulfilling as we cherish the break from our busy day but there is something that happens to our bodies around 3:00pm.

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Plus Size Runners tell it like it is!

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Those of you that know me know I am all about exercise. I love teaching ChoreoKick and HIIT and Tabata, and I love Soul Cyle and Crossfit and pretty much all exercise. I have dedicated my life to empowering women through fitness and nutritional support. Pushing limits and getting results are my two favorite phrases. But please do not ask me to run a marathon.

Most believe running was for a certain breed of people. We imagine marathon runners as trim, lean individuals who spent several hours a day tracking their pace and monitoring their calorie intake. But Frank Pizarro breaks that stereotype! A marathon can be run by anyone as long as you have the drive to succeed. I’ve always preached how you can do anything you put your mind to.

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