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Acupressure Techniques for Medicine-Free Cures

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Wanna know what the biggest complaint is about exercising? “I am in too much pain!!!” As a trainer and instructor, I’ve heard it ALL!  I’m sympathetic to the complaints. We are women – we get out periods, we get the flu from our kids, we get the stomach bug from someone at work, or we get sore from certain exercises perhaps pulling a muscle.

We reach for the medicine cabinet for those couple 100 mgs of Tylenol but sometimes pain relievers just don’t cut it.  Even when you take more than the recommended dosage (we know we have all been there before) the pain continues. It can be frustrating and downright annoying. This constant nag of pain can totally throw off your day and cause you to avoid a workout.

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A Summer Salad - Grilled Pineapple, Chicken and Avocado Salad

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As the weather warms we tend to avoid the heat of our kitchen stoves and head outdoors to enjoy the flavors of the grill. Summer is a time for barbeques and beers in the backyard (cannot wait for my first summer beer – been a long time coming). We stuff our faces with cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Things are smothered in barbeque sauce or marinated in various ingredients for hours, soaking in the flavors prior to cooking.

It is very easy to “slip” in the summer and eat things that are unhealthy more often. But, no need to panic, I have a fantastic recipe that incorporates the grill and is light and refreshing for the summer heat. I found this salad recipe on “Gimme Some Oven”. It is a great salad recipe for barbeques, quick dinners or even a tasty lunch.

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The Benefits of Foam Rolling - Get your Roll On!

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Ever try to lie down on your back, stretch your legs up in the air and find your legs completely bent? No matter how hard you try to straighten them, it’s like chronically bent? Or how about that pain you right in between your shoulder blades? Well then,  you probably need some foam rolling in your life.

Do you foam roll? Actually, let me back up one step – have you ever heard of foam rolling? Chances are many of you are not sure what this and that is a complete shame. It is a great tool to help relieve pain and prevent injury. Foam rolling is similar to a deep tissue massage as it eases pain and stretches muscles. It takes pressure off joints, alleviates muscle soreness, and returns muscles that were once contracted to their original length. 

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The “breadless” sandwich snack

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Looking for something refreshing to snack on? Search no further ladies; try out these “breadless” cucumber sandwiches.

I know the word “breadless” caught your attention. This statement means limited carb intake and is a winner for those looking to cut back on their carbohydrates. . I know some of us (cough cough – me) are carboholics. Not all carbs are bad; however, it can make us feel sluggish and pack on the pounds if consumed in excess.

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How to Breathe Efficiently While Running

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I am not a runner. I do not think this comes as a surprise to anyone, running just ain’t my thang. But, I have had people ask me how to breathe efficiently while running and it is very similar to breathing while working out in general. The question really is how do you increase your aerobic capacity during any aerobic activity – running, swimming, a ChoreoKick class (cough cough).

What we want to experience is that ability to run for a period of time without feeling utterly out of breath and to be able to transport oxygen to the rest of our muscles so we can sustain the actual movement for a period of time.

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Healthy Snacking! Energy Bites - Small But Packs a Punch!

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Make no mistake, being preggo automatically means sometimes an uncontrollable appetite.  For the sake of my baby, I don’t mind consuming the extra calories as she needs it grow, and grow and grow (despite how uncomfortable I feel right now with this big ‘ol belly).

So I was surfing Pinterest for some tasty snacks, it has occurred to me since I learned I was expecting, I tend to snack more often during the day – and I stumbled upon something truly amazing! Now what kind of Fit Fem would I be if I didn’t share the love, right?

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