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Vinnie Tortorich in the House Again!

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That’s right! My good friend Vinnie Tortorich and I hung out again. Not sure if you recall but a few months ago I was introduced to Vinnie. He is a celeb trainer, model, author, leader of the NSNG movement, and host of “America’s Angriest Trainer” podcast. We discussed his new book Fitness Confidential, which is an AWESOME read by the way! (Will post all of his links below). Anyhow, if you’ve got an extra 50 minutes to spare which I’m sure you do, watch the interview [if you are at work, pssstttt I didn’t tell you to do anything ok?].

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Love Your Body Type - New Program!

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I’ve had some major insights this week, mainly revolving body image and confidence.  For the longest time, I tried to look like someone I’m not.  And I bet I’m not the only one who tried either.  Naturally I did some research on why this is and here are some facts and startling statistics.

First, what is body image anyway? Body image is someone’s perception of what his/her body looks like and it’s an assumption of other people’s perceptions as well. Friends, families, societal pressures and pictures expressed in the media influence this image perception.

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I dare you!

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I remember the beginnings of my fitness career. I played the dangerous comparison game. I would admire my colleagues and fitness friends’ bodies and secretly wished I looked like them. When I would teach my group fitness classes, I would look at my self in that classroom mirror and feel horrified in the body I was in. I would attend workshops and trainings to better my craft and found myself deeply jealous of my classmates who had “the better bodies.”

Can you relate?

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Giving Up Too Soon

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Giving up too soon. Giving up when the going gets tough. Giving up and getting upset, lashing out on others, and becoming the victim.

Perhaps it’s why we live in a society that is all about “wanting what we want and wanting it NOW.”

Our egos do the talking. It’s never our fault but the fault of someone else or something else…an outside circumstance.

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Is Exercise Really That Hard?  Usually, And You Should Do It Anyway, Because It Is FUN!

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You hear it all the time. “I really need to start exercising but it’s so hard, I can’t get myself to do it.” And you get jealous of the people who make exercise a consistent routine. They make it look so easy. You cringe at those fitness Instagram selfies and secretly wish that was you posing in front of the mirror, arms up flexing those biceps and even lifting that shirt showing off your bikini abs. (Those still get to me too, you are not alone!)

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What does Dr. OZ, HuffPost Live and I have in common?

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Well everything!

Who knew that when you become vulnerable and state your position on a current “tabloid” event publicly, you’d get sought after by HPL. As soon as I hit send on my newsletter, I received an email from them asking to be a part of an expert panel discussing Dr. Oz’s controversy.

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