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Do you wanna know what the coolest thing is? The Fit Fem continues to create the healthiest and fittest ripple effect in our local community among women who actually GET IT! When I say Fit Fem, I’m not talking about myself.  Sure I started this whole ‘thang’, but I made sure that I had stellar team members who are able to extend my vision of what a Fit Fem should be and how she is embodied.

And this Fit Fem of the month is no different. Let’s celebrate Kristin R!

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How to Breathe Efficiently While Running

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I am not a runner. I do not think this comes as a surprise to anyone, running just ain’t my thang. But, I have had people ask me how to breathe efficiently while running and it is very similar to breathing while working out in general. The question really is how do you increase your aerobic capacity during any aerobic activity – running, swimming, a ChoreoKick class (cough cough).

What we want to experience is that ability to run for a period of time without feeling utterly out of breath and to be able to transport oxygen to the rest of our muscles so we can sustain the actual movement for a period of time.

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Healthy Snacking! Energy Bites - Small But Pack a Punch!

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Make no mistake, being preggo automatically means sometimes an uncontrollable appetite.  For the sake of my baby, I don’t mind consuming the extra calories as she needs it grow, and grow and grow (despite how uncomfortable I feel right now with this big ‘ol belly).

So I was surfing Pinterest for some tasty snacks, it has occurred to me since I learned I was expecting, I tend to snack more often during the day – and I stumbled upon something truly amazing! Now what kind of Fit Fem would I be if I didn’t share the love, right?

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#TBT - Exercise of the Week: Oblique Twists With Resistance Bands

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This week’s blast from the past video focuses on obliques and core strength. This is a great exercise for those who want to lose a few inches on the waist and strengthen the mid-section. Grab your resistance bands and get ready to twist.

Working out the obliques is essential in any workout. This muscle group helps the body’s rotation of the spine and assists in core contractions. This means that when you work out the obliques you are gaining strength in your back muscles and core which can help prevent back injuries.

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Doctors Ask Columbia University to Fire Dr. Oz Because “He’s Full of Shit”

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I’ll just lay out my opinion, FLAT OUT! Both sides suck! Let me tell you why.

First of all, no one is perfect. Imperfections are what make everyone unique. There are moments when we say or do things outside the norm and people are threatened by this. But we are all entitled to our own opinions, a luxury we enjoy and should take pride in. People can listen to your opinion or turn a blind eye but the important thing to remember is to make your voice heard and never stay silent.

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FRIDAY!! The Quickie Weekend Workout

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It’s difficult to workout on the weekends – I know – I am gearing up for my baby girl and the weekends have been intense. BUT it is necessary (as I have said in past posts) to take a few moments and give your body the exercise it deserves. You should always take a day of rest but not the whole weekend. Also, there is a good chance that you sat at your desk or in a car most of the week – give your body the movement and energy it craves!

I know the work week can be stressful, I am right there with you. We look forward to the weekends as they are a time to catch up on sleep , watch our favorite DVR’d shows, and go out to eat with our family and friends. There is nothing better than a marathon of sitcoms on a Saturday night. I’ll admit, my DVR needs some attention.  So, keeping this in mind I went ahead and created a quickie total body workout that can been done while taking in your TV binge. No need to thank me!

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#TBT - Exercise of the Week: Bear Hug

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It’s Thursday, which means I get to revisit a post from the past! This week I have chosen an exercise video from 2012 – Bear Hug. Get ready to side plank and work those obliques.

This exercise will help reduce your waistline and workout abdominal muscles that many exercises do not reach (specifically obliques). You will see improved strength in your back as well as your core. Side planks are often forgotten about but should be an essential part in everyone’s workout. And the great thing about the Bear Hug is it’s a side plank with a “twist”.

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